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Avoid Costly Sewer Repairs on Your Mobile Home

Your mobile home drain system is an integral part of the overall function of the home and is responsible for removing all the waste and sewage while ensuring dangerous gases and fumes don’t make their way back into the home.

Most modern manufactured

homes have sewer pipes made of PVC, which is ideal since it’s much easier to fix, less-expensive to buy, and much more common than other materials. Unlike most site-built homes, a majority of the plumbing in a manufactured home is found underneath the home’s belly board - including drain pipes. These pipes either connect to the public sewage line or an individual septic system - whichever waste removal system you have. An advantage of this, is that you can easily crawl under the home to access the pipes as needed for inspection and repair.

There are three main factors in play with your sewage system:

  • Traps - also known as ‘P’ traps due to the shape, these help prevent backflow, clogs, and gas release by creating a barrier of water.

  • Ventilation - these pipes ensure proper air flow so the drainpipes can work effectively. Without ventilation, the plumbing fixtures would not drain correctly.

  • Gravity - this is what allows waste to move freely through the drainpipes and eventually make its way into the waste removal system.

An issue in any of these three areas could mean trouble for your sewage system as a whole. Many issues can cause sewer problems including poor ventilation, tree roots in the system, and improper flushing of materials.

Tips to Prevent Sewer Issues In Your Mobile Home

If you’re like most manufactured homeowners, you’re going to want to do everything possible to stay far away from any sewer problems. The good news is we have a wide variety of tips that you should follow on a daily basis to put you, your family, and your home in a good position.

Let’s take a look at some of our most prominent mobile home sewer tips:

  • Be mindful of what you flush down your toilet. Only flush toilet paper (one-ply is best). Never flush feminine hygiene products, paper towels, toys, or other items. In fact, in our mobile home parks, when we find these items in a sewer line, the repair is automatically billed back to the tenant.

  • Never pour grease down your drain line. It will solidify and block the line.

  • Don’t use harsh chemicals when cleaning or unclogging your drains. Usually, a drain snake or plunger will do the trick.

  • Run water when using your garbage disposal and avoid tough, fibrous foods.

  • Do not plant trees and shrubs near your home or the underground utility lines.

  • Hire a professional to clean your main sewer line and pump your septic tank (if you have one) every few years.

  • If you notice an issue with your sewage system or experience a clogged drain, contact your community manager, maintenance person, or a professional plumber immediately.

There’s nothing attractive or exciting about a sewer problem, but it happens more often than you’d think. With the right prevention, you can stay out of harm’s way and keep your mobile home looking and functioning its best.

If you’re interested in more tips on mobile home living or want to experience a manufactured home for yourself, contact us today. You can also visit our website at for more information!

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