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Honeysuckle Drainage Project is Expanding

The Honeysuckle Mobile Home Park in Shepherdsville, Kentucky has a drainage ditch that extends from the northeast to the northwest corner of the property. Over the years, the ditch was not maintained, and it was allowed to be overgrown with trees, many of which are dead. We have removed the trees and are clearing out the ditch from the culvert under the road behind lot 35 to the northwest corner of the property.

Additionally, there is an existing culvert under the road near lot 71, which has become completely buried. We will be clearing the culvert so that water can continue to flow to the ditch.

We anticipate that by extending this ditch, the standing water that accumulates on between lots 71 to 81 and 84 to 89 will be able to drain under the road, to the ditch, to the northeast corner of the property.

In future months, we will be making slight grading improvements in all rows of homes to allow the water to flow more efficiently to both culverts begin lots 35 and 71.


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