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Street or Lot Address Numbers are Critical for Safety

Making sure that your home has a legible street address or lot number is critical for your safety. These addresses are typically registered with the local officials in their 911 database and are used to dispatch emergency responders in case of an emergency.

These numbers help the officials to find exactly where they need to go. If you are alone and in desperate need for help, you may not be able to have somebody wait outside to flag down the emergency crews, so it is important that they can find you quickly when previous seconds count.

In most jurisdictions, it is required to post numbers by law, and when mPark Homes installs a new home, an occupancy permit may not be issued until the numbers are installed.

If your home does not have numbers, we strongly encourage you to apply new address numbers right away. Make sure you check local regulations to determine if there is a minimum size. Recently, mPark Homes put new street numbers on all homes at the Up Country Mobile Home Park in Seaford, Delaware, including vacant or abandoned homes. If you live in one of our communities and need help to install address numbers, please call our management office.


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