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Texting of Water Outages & Other Urgent Issues

Text messaging is one of the best formats to broadcast urgent messages like water outages. Have you ever experienced a water outage and wish you were told about it in advance? Sometimes these types of situations arise unexpectedly and the management office does not have the ability to pre-warn you using tradition communications methods like phone calls or passing out flyers. With text messaging, we can send a broadcast within minutes and we can provide regular updates.

Also, if you are not at home yet, a text message will alert you so you are not surprised once you arrive back at home. For example, if you received a text saying the the water service is not working, you may want to go straight to a restaurant for dinner rather than eating at home.

For these reasons, we strongly urge you to contact our office and provide your cell phone number and to keep it up to date if you number changes. Call 302-336-8775 and we can update your phone number.


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