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It's Time to Check Heat Tape

With the winter weather arriving in the next few months, now is the time to check your heat tape and insulation. Heat tape must be checked to be sure it is plugged in and that the heating element is still functional. Insulation must be checked to be sure that there are no areas of exposed plumbing lines. Even the water meter must be fully encased within a Styrofoam box designed for this purpose or wrapped in fiberglass insulation.

mPark Homes will be inspecting the underside of our park-owned homes for proper heat tape and insulation. We strongly recommend that homeowners also inspect their own homes. If you need assistance, please contact our maintenance office so we can dispatch a maintenance technician free of charge.

You cannot wait until the coldest nights of January to do this inspection because

at that point, it is too late. If you experience a freeze-up, the plumbers and our technicians will likely be fully booked an unable to provide assistance without waiting for a few days without water. Also, if you experience a pipe burst, your home could become damaged and higher than normal water and sewer bills could result. Avoid this now by taking 10 minutes to inspect your heat tape and isulation.


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