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As an Essential Business mPark Homes Will Support Residents During Pandemic

On March 23, 2020, Governor Holcomb issued Executive Order 20-08 which directs all citizens of Indiana to remain in their place of residence and closes all non-essential businesses. As an operator of residential real estate, the operations of mPark Homes is considered to be essential, and we will continue to support our residents.

We will continue to maintain our properties by ensuring homes and communities are fully functioning, that all water, sewer, and electric services are operational, and that homes are safe. If there are any maintenance issues that may threaten ones health, or the physical condition of the property, we will be available to either make repairs ourselves or we will hire contractors to make repairs on our behalf.

During these unprecedented times, we may have to forgo non-essential maintenance projects including cosmetic issues and internal home issues. Our office will be available to answer any questions by telephone or by web portal.

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