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My Pitbull is So Friendly, So Why Does My Landlord Call It Dangerous?

Dogs have a built-in ability to make you happy merely by their goofy presence and attention-seeking habits. They can also prove to be medically beneficial as they help reduce stress and anxiety and can improve your physical well-being. Because of their loyalty, they are great guards and are relied upon for protection.

Where most dog breeds can melt your heart with their cute faces and literal puppy-eyes, some can shred you in pieces. A Pitbull is at the top amongst the list of such dogs, but others include Rottweilers, German shepherds, American bulldogs, and others, and most mobile home park operators will not permit them on their properties.

So before pleading with your landlord that your Pitbull is the most friendly, loving, and playful dog ever, and would never hurt anybody, let us try to understand the main reason this argument will not work. It all comes to insurance companies placing the breed into the “dangerous” category.

The fact is that insurance companies track dog injury dollar claims, and the statistics show that certain breeds have resulted in substantially larger claims than others. While chihuahuas, Labrador retrievers, and Pitbulls can bite a person, the fact is the Pitbull bites have resulted in much larger claims than other two breeds.

Pitbulls are not inherently vicious creatures but have a slightly more aggressive nature than the rest of the breeds. If brought up poorly, they can turn into deadly creatures. If treated badly with abuse and negligence, then violence becomes a massive part of their already combative character.

Pit bulls have a very sturdy jaw, and their bites are known to be lethal as they do not let go of their prey. According to research, from 2000 to 2020, there are several confirmed cases registered against pit bull attacks. In 2015 to 2017 alone, 284 fatal dog attack cases are reported, and most of the culprits were pit bulls.

Bottom line is that the insurance companies have categorized a dog into a specific category based on claims. It does not matter if your Pitbull is a friendly dog one or not – it is still a Pitbull and is therefore it is in the “dangerous” category. There is nothing your landlord can do to change the categorization, and non-compliance can result in termination of coverage of the insurance policy. The same is true for all other dangerous breeds.

If you have a pet that is considered to be a dangerous breed, it is best to inform the manufactured home park manager before move-in, otherwise, you may find yourself being asked to remove your pet or to move.

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