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Stay Safe for Halloween When Trick-or-Treating

Halloween is an enjoyable time of year for children and adults alike. Kids meet their friends and go door to door seeking candy from friends and neighbors. However, there are a few tips to keep in mind that can help keep you and your children to safe

First, pick a costume that is the right size and has no trailing pieces that will cause trips and falls. Also be sure the costume allows clear visibility so it does not block view when walking outside in the dark. If the costume is dark colored, there should be some type of reflective material so passing drivers can see the trick-or-treater. Lastly, costumes should be flameproof as some residents may have candles within their jack-o'-lanterns.

When trick or treating in a manufactured home community, just like in any other neighborhood, it is important to be mindful of vehicular traffic. Young kids, in their excitement, may forget to look for passing cars when crossing streets. Likewise, drivers should watch out for children. Be sure to carry glowsticks or flashlights to drivers can see you.

This year it is important to maintain appropriate social distance from other groups. Rather than having all kids swarm a single mobile home together, it is best to stay back until the previous group leaves. Then, your group can proceed to trick-or-treat on its own to that home.

Residents can maintain social distance by placing treats in a basket and remaining inside their mobile home with the door closed, or they can stay outside, but keep the treats at least 6 feet away from where they are positioned.

Lastly, follow local regulations and time constraints. Once the holiday is officially over, everyone should return home and refrain from continuing to approach homes. Residents should avoid answering door knocks after the official trick-or-treating period has ended.

mPark Homes operates manufactured home communities and mobile home parks in Indiana and Ohio and encourages adults and children to participate in Halloween safely. Happy Halloween!

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