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When Changing Clocks, Change Smoke Alarm Batteries

A safe home is a happy home, and one of the most important things to help with safety is to be sure the smoke alarms are functioning properly. Smoke alarms can provide early warning of a rapidly growing fire allowing you the extra time to escape and prevent fatal accidents. However, for them to work properly, they must be installed in recommended locations without being disconnected. Batteries must be installed and not depleted.

Both new manufactured homes from the factory and used mobile homes must have a smoke alarm near the outside of each bedroom.

Most smoke alarms come with changeable batteries or battery backups that slowly run out of power, so they must be tested regularly to see if they are functioning properly. We recommend every fall and spring when changing your clocks to get into the habit of replacing the batteries. After replacement, test the alarms by pressing the test button to verify that a sound can be heard. If the alarm is not working, it must be replaced.

Even a good quality smoke detector is not designed to last forever and may have to be replaced after about 10 years. Please consult with the manufacturer instructions for a replacement schedule for your smoke alarms.

mPark Homes sells and rents homes in Indiana and Ohio. All of our homes come with smoke alarms installed in them. If you are renting a home and would like assistance in checking your smoke alarm, please call our maintenance telephone number.


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